Tehama, CA

Published in Form. Reborn on
15-19 June 2009

The Driving Engine of His Mouth

outraces the stoplight in his brain.

2 a.m.

The last loud mouth
bumbled out the door
leaving the smell of beer
and a welcome silence

Like a Metal Cart on Wheels

sailing wildly down a hill
the boy flings arms and legs and shouts
the madness of summer

Billy's Song

This song's for Billy
his favorite tune
She holds the last note
in a shrill quaver
Puts hand over heart
tosses damp earth
over his casket

If Only

These two little words
when repeated
throughout a life
have the power
to destroy


Patricia Wellingham-Jones has a longtime interest in 'healing writing' and the benefits people gain from writing and reading their work together. Widely published, her chapbooks include Don't Turn Away: Poems About Breast Cancer, Voices on the Land, and End-Cycle, poems about caregiving.