Folded Word

a print to e-book workflow

developed for highly formatted text

Over the next few weeks, we�ll be documenting our process of converting a highly formatted literary book from print to .epub to .mobi in one smooth workflow on our blog. Why? Because we don�t want our weeks of headbanging to be repeated needlessly by our fellow indie publishers.

This portal will serve as an archive and central access point for all the articles, sample files, photos, videos, and third-party discussion regarding the exPRESS workflow. If you make a new discovery or hit a snag, please be sure to email us at editors [at] foldedword [dot] com or join the discussion in the blog comments below each article.



exPRESS: a Print to e-Book Workflow

Session 1

exPRESS: Manuscript Prep

Session 2

exPRESS: Design


Session 1: Manuscript Prep

  1. manuscript.doc
  2. half_title.doc
  3. copyright.doc
  4. author_note.doc
  5. folded_family.doc
  6. back_cover.doc

Session 2: Design

  1. Cover image
  2. Title page images
  3. Verso accent
  4. Recto accent
  5. Handwritten titles
  6. PDF version of RAZZED






view our exPRESS image set on Flickr
print to ePub comparison

titles prepared with the method

On a Narrow Windowsill: Fiction and Poetry Folded onto Twitter

epub/Nook - mobi/Kindle/US - mobi/Kindle/UK

Paper House by Jessie Carty

epub/Nook - mobi/Kindle/US - mobi/Kindle/UK

Snowing Fireflies by Eric Beeny

epub/Nook - mobi/Kindle/US - mobi/Kindle/UK


This tutorial series is provided as a springboard for discussion within the indie-lit community. Readers assume all risk and liability if they decide to implement suggestions made in the tutorials and any discussion that follows. Due diligence should be taken when downloading sample files or installing programs.