Folded Word


by Mel Bosworth

cover of FREIGHTOur first novel is scheduled to release 9 September 2011. Mel Bosworth's quirky tale of an everyman searching for Home experiments with both form and voice. To read excerpts and early reviews, please visit the book's web-page. Pre-ordered paperbacks will be signed by the author.


On a Narrow Windowsill: Fiction and Poetry Folded Onto Twitter

ed. J.S. Graustein & Rose Auslander

cover of On a Narrow WindowsillOur first anthology released in late louis vuitton replica autumn 2010. This collection of poems and stories from our Twitter-zines' first year features the work of Nathalie Boisard-Beudin, Eric Burke, Ben White, and 40 more short-form pioneers. For a downloadable excerpt from this book, please visit our anthology page.


Paper House

Jessie Carty

Our first book-length poetry collection is scheduled to release 30 March 2010. Jessie Carty's book-length debut contains a replica chanel bittersweet narrative about growing up in North Carolina. For more details and multimedia fun from this book, please visit her author page.


Please visit our chapbook blog

for a list of our chapbooks, including associated multimedia and purchase information. Our inaugural chapbook is featured below:


The Wait of Atom rolex replica

Jessie Carty

This is the first chapbook in our Signature Series, which is available as a hand-crafted print chapbook and as an e-book. It contains 19 narrative poems, 17 of which are making their print debut. You won�t want to miss the quirky adventures of Atom and Zoe. Jessie�s accessible style truly shines in this collection. For more details and multimedia fun from this chapbook, please visit her author page.


Watch J.S. construct a chapbook: